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Saturday - Main Series Upload @ 8am EST

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    Drawing Your OC [The Series]

    We are here to share our time and art with you. Our main series revolves around accepting requests to draw original characters. Each week a semi-randomly selected request is completed by a CosmoBytes artist or maybe multiple if you're extremely lucky. Our main artists are currently Nebbie and Luna, who you can learn more about on the 'about us' tab.

    Once we complete a request we send the requester the file and upload our drawing process for all to see. If you're interested in submitting your character, check out the form linked below.

    Selected entries will get a finished drawing of their character, this can be anything from a Half body illustration to a Fullbody illustration with a background. Some entries may be selected for traditional art batches instead of digital art.

    About us


    Age: 28
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Program of choice: PaintTool Sai 2
    Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

    Fun Facts:

    • Luna is left-handed.

    • Luna has some minor formal training in traditional art.

    • Luna is in charge of editing all video content.


    "Look, it can't be helped that we have the same type if we share a brain cell."


    Age: 31
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Program of choice: PaintTool Sai 2
    Tablet: Wacom Cintiq 13

    Fun Facts:

    • Nebbie is married and refers to her husband as "Sleepy".

    • Nebbie is a self-taught artist.

    • Nebbie is in charge of managing social media.


    "Have I mentioned We're Addicted to D&D."

    I am willing to negotiate prices as well as set up payment plans for larger commission requests.


    TWITTER: @Neb3aula
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    Terms of Service

    • Prices are Per character

    • Prices are subject to vary based on upcharges listed below

    • all payments are in USD and accepted through Paypal

    • I reserve the right to refuse commission requests

    • Commissions take three days to a week each. So, if three people are ahead of you, expect about a 1-month wait. I'll make sure to give you an ETA based on my current to-do list

    • 50% Payment is required upfront before I will start working on the commission.

    • Commissions under $15 require full payment before work will commence.

    • no refunds.

    • WIPS (work in progress) available upon request

    • The finished commission will only be provided after the payment has been received in full.


    • Weapons add $2-$5 per weapon based on complexity

    • Pets $5 Each

    Note that I am not as practiced with drawing furries/animals but will try my damnedest

    • Backgrounds $3 and up

    Simple Gradient Backgrounds do not require an upcharge

    • Complex Character design Upcharge starting at $3 and up

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